Join Dr. Brad and the Connected Chiropractic team in the YMCA Back on Track Challenge. Now through Oct. 25 there are six weekly challenges.

From the YMCA website:

Get social 6 times: Connect with friends and family, write letters, connect digitally, play games or enjoy a family dinner.

Do 5 cardio workouts: Take a cardio-centric class, such as boot camp, cycle, Zumba, group water fitness, etc. Or you can work out independently on a treadmill, elliptical, bike or other cardio equipment.

Lift weights 4 times: Take a class like Les Mills Bodypump, kettlebell boot camp or muscle mix. Or you can lift independently using body weight, free weights or pin select equipment.

Get aligned and restored 3 times: Enjoy classes designed to align and restore, such as yoga, Pilates Reformer, mat Pilates, align and restore and foam rolling. Or stretch, roll and do some core exercises on your own for 30 minutes.

Challenge your brain 2 times: Snap out of the COVID brain fog with simple games to engage your mind. All classes the week of Oct 12 will feature cognitive enhancing components. Or train your brain on your own by working through puzzles, games or learning a new complex skill or task.

Get outdoors at least 1 time: Take a block of time to get a generous dose of Mother Nature. Join us for a Royal Arch Hike on Oct 24. Or organize your own hike, day of gardening, fishing trip, horse-back ride, run, bike ride or enjoy any other favorite outdoor activity. For the Royal Arch hike, we will meet at the NCAR trailhead at 8am on Oct 24. Registration required.

Our expert health and fitness staff at the Y will support your efforts by including up to three InBody Scans throughout the 6-week period as well as a goal tracker card. Complete all 6 goals before Oct 25, and you will earn yourself a YMCA T-shirt.

  • Value: $125 (3 InBody Scans $75, t-shirt $25, Hike $25)
  • Cost: Donate if you can

We know this year has been difficult for many of our members and we know so many of our members stood with us during our closure, so we developed this program to support and thank you all. With that said, if you can donate to the Y to help us continue to provide programs and assistance for your neighbors who need extra support, childcare or membership, we would greatly appreciate it.

What Connected Chiropractic Is Doing

We would like to point out that getting chiropractic or massage three times over the six weeks meets the “Aligned and get restored” metric. Another fun thing we are doing is we are inviting you to “Walk with the Doc” and have a conversation with Dr. Brad or a massage therapist while you all walk around the track at the Y. Call the office at (970) 587-7029 to schedule a walk with the doc.

For our patients who complete the challenge, show us your t-shirt and receives a 30-minute massage or 50% off a pillow.

Visit the Johnstown YMCA website for more information on the challenge.