So many of our sweetest memories are tied to sugar. From birthday cakes to funnel cakes at the fair and all the holiday indulgences at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, sugar has been whispering in our ears and tricking our taste buds into thinking that everything is fine. What’s more, sugar tricks is into thinking that the best ways to celebrate, relax, and get through the day MUST involve sugar. But guess what? That’s a big fat lie and sugar is not only NOT our friend, this “comforting companion” is actually the enemy! Sugar is highly addictive so it’s no big surprise that as a society, we consume way too much on a daily basis. Today, your trusted Johnstown chiropractor will share some insightful information about the dangers of sugar.

Is Added Sugar Really That Bad?

To put it simply, yes. Let’s look at some numbers from The American Heart Association:


Recommended (day/yr)            Actual (day/yr) Difference +/-

Women                         6 tsp/19 lb                                17 tsp/57 lb + 11 tsp/38 lb

Men                               9 tsp/30 lb                                17 tsp/57 lb + 8 tsp/27 lb

Why This Matters

Cutting back on sugar can be difficult because eating sugar triggers craving and withdrawal symptoms as well as chemical changes in the brain’s reward center similar to the effects of drugs and alcohol. Sugar has tricked us into believing that we can’t live without it! Sadly, if we continue consuming sugar at our current pace, we are headed for a life of weight gain, low energy, inflammation, weakened immune systems, diabetes, heart disease, and more!

What You Can Do

The good news is that it’s not only possible to live without all that sugar in your diet, but cutting back offers numerous health benefits. Not only can cutting back on sugar prevent issues inversely related to the risks above, but you can also experience clearer skin, avoid mood swings, and lower the chance of troubling digestive conditions. Cutting out sugar can seem like a bleak prospect at first, but after the first few daysokay, let’s be honest, it could take weeksit can become a welcome and rewarding lifestyle change with the ultimate benefit of adding quality years to your life!

Learn More from Your Local Chiropractor

If you’d like to learn more about saying no to sugar, please join us on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, at 6:30 pm, as Certified Health Coach, Susan Robbins, shares her secrets for walking away from added sugar and moving on to a healthier, happier, longer life. The session is FREE and the rumor is that there will be healthy snacks available! What do you have to lose except your sugar cravings? Join the Connected Chiropractic team and learn how to say “good-bye” to added sugar!

P.S. Bring a friend!