A healthy lifestyle takes many steps to achieve — eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, washing your hands, and getting a good night’s sleep are just a few things out of many that you can do to prevent it. One thing that does not get mentioned as much as it should is a spinal adjustment. The realignment of your back is absolutely essential to staying healthy. After all, your back is the highway to all of your body functions, if one thing blocks traffic then it slows everything else down. 

Body Wars

Your body is constantly at war with all sorts of nasty bacteria. Whether it is from that doorknob that you touched or the shared air that you breathe every day, your body is fighting a never-ending fight. Why wouldn’t you do everything to help? Getting realigned helps more than one might think. Our internal defense system is the immune system. We tend to think of our immune system as being something that is only affected by our diets and if we are getting enough vitamin intake, but the spine actually plays just as big of a part as anything else. 

The control of everything that we do is the Central Nervous System. It runs our entire body and makes sure that every signal our brain has, is sent to where it properly needs to go. So it only makes sense that chiropractic adjustment would help just as much as anything else. Your spine needs to be at its best in order to allow your nervous system to travel as fast as it needs to. It only makes sense that if it isn’t straight that a weakened immune response would occur as well.

Let Your Body Do The Work

The Lymph system is directly correlated with how your system gets rid of all of the waste in your system. Getting an adjustment increases your lymphatic flow which helps your body work more efficiently to get rid of all the toxins that are attacking your body when you are sick. Allowing it to flow in a proper way simply allows you to get better quicker.

Getting a spinal adjustment isn’t simply something that we recommend, it is scientifically proven. In a study conducted in 2010, by Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, researchers found that an adjustment can actually help quite a bit. The positive effects to note was that anyone who had an adjustment was sick far less than the people who did not get an adjustment. Getting a single adjustment can only help so much though, having a routine schedule of going to your Chiropractor is how you can help your body the most. 

Connected Chiropractic Is Your Spot For A Healthier You  

If you are feeling sick or you just need a Chiropractor in Johnstown, we are here for you. Dr. Brad is always willing to have a conversation with you about why any noticeable back or neck pain can be linked to all sorts of other issues in the body such as making you more susceptible to Flu or the common cold. Discover how a chiropractic adjustment can help you became a healthier you today!