A University of Illinois at Chicago conducted a study in regards to the benefits of massage therapy and came to the conclusion that “massage therapy improves general blood flow and alleviates muscle soreness after exercise.  The results also shows that massage improved vascular function in people who had not exercised, suggesting that massage has benefits for people regardless of their level of physical activity. UIC stresses the importance of the bond and relationship between massage therapy and injuries. They also touched on the science behind massage therapy being a way to alleviate muscle soreness after exercise and other physical activity. They had a group of health adults exercise their legs with a generic leg press machine. They then had half of the participants receive standard Swedish massage techniques, while the other half did not have any sort of massages performed. In the end, the results were that those who received a 90 minute massage had no soreness after their sessions, while the participants who didn’t get a massage had continuing soreness still after 24 hours of their exercise. All in all, the study showed that massage therapy is incredibly important to feeling well after exercise and other forms of physical activity

There are amazing heart health benefits that can come from visiting a massage therapist on a regular basis. Newswire acknowledges that many already see massage as a way to help relieve body and muscle pain, but stresses that there is so much more to thank massage therapy for. The American Massage Therapy Association has stated that professional massage therapists can help their clients improve cardiovascular health. A study conducted by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2013 showed that correct massage therapy could help intervene in order to help control issues such as high blood pressure: “The study showed that the immediate results of lowered blood pressure lasted up to 72 hours after massage.” Another study done by the same group showed that Swedish massage specifically helped lower blood pressure in a period of 4 weeks. In conclusion, the study conducted was essentially to show those with cardiovascular issues that there is a way to be proactive and help lower their chances of further issues and death. The study was also a way to let others know that massage therapy is a way to practice early prevention when it comes to attempting to avoid cardiovascular issues.

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