Put quite simply, referrals are THE BEST! Whenever a satisfied client or patient tells their friends and family how much better they feel after a massage by one of our wonderful therapists and a series of adjustments at the expert hands of Dr. Brad, whenever a loved one is in pain and they are sent to us for help by someone who has felt firsthand the gentle yet highly effective techniques used to restore health and vitality, it’s a win for everybody!

At Connected Chiropractic, we celebrate each and every one of those wins. Being able to get on the floor and play with the grandkids, playing a round of golf and feeling great even after walking 18 holes, skiing, off-roading, cycling, or something as simple as waking up and making it through the day pain free – those are wins! We love to know that our care has helped a family hear their mother and wife’s happy laughter again, that a breadwinner can work a full day and still make it to their children’s after school activities and sit, smiling in the bleachers for the whole program, that a couple can enjoy active retirement full of travel and new adventures, all because they chose to make a commitment to their health. And sharing those wins makes them even sweeter because now, another person knows “the secret” and can start the process of getting their body to heal itself so that they, too, can enjoy their life in the happiest and healthiest way.



We know some people are nervous about making referrals and we can help with that. If your friend or loved one mentions a health concern they are dealing with, you can respond with, “Oh, how terrible it must feel to be suffering with acid reflux. (for example) Have you talked with your chiropractor about that?” They might respond, “No, I didn’t know chiropractic could help with that. I will contact my chiropractor today!”  WINNING!

Or they might say, “I don’t have a chiropractor.”  If the person responds this way, you can invite them into our office by saying, “Dr. Brad has helped me so much with acid reflux. I’m sure he’d be willing to talk with you about it. Would it be okay if I gave his receptionist your name and number so she can call you and set up an appointment?”

That wasn’t hard at all, was it? And you might have just made all the difference in the life of someone you care very much about. That someone can now go out and jog, snowboard, climb a mountain, hike with their dog or travel across the country to rock their new grandchild to sleep – just because you shared “the secret” of your healing and vibrant health.  Isn’t that just THE BEST?