The June 1996 issue of Topics in Clinical Chiropractic reports that older patients who use chiropractic health care services end up using less medical services such as hospitals, nursing homes and prescription drugs.

In a study of geriatrics by the Rand Corporation it was found that 96% of the population studied who used chiropractic treatment had not used nursing home services in the three years before the study. 81% of those who had not received chiropractic care didn’t need the use of a nursing home, a 15% less nursing home usage by the chiropractic patients.

In hospital use, chiropractic patients fared even better. 74% of the people under chiropractic care did not need the use of a hospital in the three years prior to the study versus 53% of the study group not under chiropractic care; a 21% difference.

87% of those patients under chiropractic care perceived themselves to be in good to excellent health. Only 68% of those not under chiropractic care thought their health good to excellent. Put simply, chiropractic works.