The August 2004 issue of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research highlights a report finding that chiropractic care may halt or reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The study involved 81 patients with Parkinson’s disease and MS that were under chiropractic care for correction of the vertebral subluxations and/or misalignments of the small bones of the spine.

Seventy- eight of the 81 patients reported that they had experienced at least one traumatic head or neck injury between 2 months and 30 years prior to the onset of their disease. Previous research has proposed a causal link between head and neck injuries and the development of Parkinson’s and MS.

In the study, 34 of the Parkinson’s patients and 40 of the MS patients showed symptomatic improvement following chiropractic care.

In the Parkinson’s group, 16 showed substantial improvement, 8 showed moderate improvement and 11 showed minor improvements. Improvement in the MS group showed 28 substantial, 8 moderate and 5 minor.

In the improved cases, no further progression of symptoms occurred over a 1-5 year period.

This case illustrates that by correcting vertebral subluxations and removing the resulting nerve interference, chiropractic care allows your body to function better, regaining and maintaining a higher degree of health. As a result, all types of health challenges are easier dealt with, whether they are symptomatic or not.

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